Painting at North Riverside Park Mall!

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Hi there! Now that my painting at NRP Mall is complete, I thought I would give some insight to my process for anyone that is interested in learning about mural painting. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions either as someone who is interested in learning or as a fellow muralist!

Since I am both an illustrator and muralist, my thought process always begins with an illustration. Below is the original illustration that I created as a mural design. It is completed in colored pencil and Prismacolor markers. Storytelling is at the core of all my work, both illustrative and mural. The characters in the image are inspired by a story I came up with about a crystal boy and his mom, a solar flare (if you are interested in hearing about the stories behind these characters and other ones I've made, you can read about them in upcoming blog posts that I will be making every Thursday!)

After the illustration was complete, I projected it onto the wall with an Optima Projector. I traced the projection using watered down purple paint. I decided to draw in an extra twist into the composition by creating a cutting effect through the body of the solar flare character.

When the mural translation was complete, I got to paint!

The process took about a week. On and off painting between other responsibilities. I met so many nice people who cheered me on or asked about a story behind the characters. It was lovely being part of a project a North Riverside Park Mall!

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